Something that motivates me is other peoples success. That may sound weird but it’s the truth.

I always look for inspo in others when I’m feeling unmotivated. For example, there is a Youtuber I watch who is also one of my favorite photographers. I haven’t done photography in months and I watched one of his videos on photography yesterday and did a whole photoshoot after.

Or, if I’m feeling unmotivated to clean my house or not wanting to do house chores, I watch others clean their houses on Youtube and automatically get motivated. Others motivate me to be my best.

(Here is Sawyer Hartmans blog, the Youtuber who I talk about above. Please check it out.) https://www.sawyerhartman.com/photography-portfolio?pgid=j00inldx-c825edef-e219-476f-a88f-e9357a1fbd7a

Life Skills

Have you ever realized all of your adult friends have basic life skills but you’re missing out on something? For me, it’s cooking. I am just really bad at it. Whether I’m following a recipe step by step or not, theres always something wrong. I even took two different cooking classes in high school and cooking is still something I struggle with. I’ve just learned to stick to the basics and hope it turns out good.

Spring is in the air!

What’s your favorite season? Mine is spring. I hate the winter, so spring is like a breath of fresh air to me. I love everything about the spring. Plus, it’s when I’m most creative with my photography. My photography is very landscape based, so spring is a true inspiration. I mean, who doesn’t love the warmth, flowers, smell of fresh grass? I can’t think of a single thing that’s wrong with the spring. I am simply in love with it.

Here is one of my photos from a couple years ago. I’m excited to be taking more when it starts warming up.

Online college vs. On Campus

Yes, yes, yes. We all know we’ve been going through a global pandemic. That means that almost everyone around the world is being forced to do almost everything from home. Including school. Is there really that much of a difference between online and on campus?

Whether we’re going through a pandemic or not I choose to get an E-Degree. I have anxiety so on campus classes do not mix well with me. I can truly say there is a huge difference.

Obviously, I don’t have other classmates around but I also don’t have lectures. I don’t have to sit through a 2 hour long lecture and listen to a teacher talk (usually). But, this also makes school pretty difficult. In some classes I feel like I’m teaching myself and for the first time in my whole school career I’ve had to get a tutor. But, I do enjoy it more than on campus.

Truth Behind the Zodiac Sign?

It’s no secret that astrology is becoming wildly more well known/learned about. I hear of more and more people learning the logistics of astrology. Whether people take it to far or not, there is some truth in the stars. I think your zodiac sign has a little bit of impact on who you are/how you act. Let’s be honest, I believe in all of it. I love to dive in deep and analyze the signs.

Do you believe in astrology/the depths behind zodiac signs?

Can you guess my sign?

Smartphones- a blessing or a curse?

This is the topic of the century. As cellphones are becoming widely popular, people can do anything with them. They can even go as far as being your job or school. That being said, are you apart of the percentage that hates them, and hates these foolish kids who spend all their time on their phones? Or are you apart of the percentage that thinks they’re a great tool for success and just a great pass time in general?

They can be both a blessing and a curse in my opinion. I’ve had so many opportunities with this little cellular device, but again, I quickly became addicted to it. It has sucked me in and I often find myself taking breaks monthly from social media to try and break the habit. They can affect your studying and work ethic. It’s hard not to be glued to it to see what the latest is across all social platforms.

I think I’m more 50/50 on the scale of blessing or curse. I definitely think it can be a huge part of success but somedays I wish I never had one.

What would you do if you had 1 free hour a day?

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you had one free hour a day to do anything you wish. What would you do? It’s tricky to think about. Humans want more free time but if they’re given it, it’s overwhelming.

After thinking for a (very short) while, I’ve decided I would simply read a book. That seems so boring, but hear me out. I’m a mom, a full time student, and I work part time. Doing just about anything for myself is rare. Before I had a baby and responsibilities I read at least 3 books a month. I love to read. But once you have another human to look after things as little as reading gets pushed to the back-burner. So to be able to sit down for an hour and read seems heavenly.

That being said, here are some good books that took me way to long to read:

The Tattooist of Aushwitz. Insane book. So good. Definitely sobbed.

A Man Called Ove. Not new. Has a movie now. Still a good read.

Declutter Your Mind. Not going to lie, I haven’t finished this one yet. Still so informational and good life tips.


Let’s talk about nostalgia. Going back all the way to our childhood. I often find myself thinking “wow I miss those days”. Looking back at my childhood I never realized how much I would miss doing what I used to do everyday. Things like spending the entire weekend at your friends house with no worries. Now if I’m having down time to myself I feel guilty about all the chores at home I should be doing (adulting is fun).

Or getting so excited when school was out for the summer because I actually had months of having no responsibilities, they forgot to tell you once you finish school you don’t have summer vacations anymore and it’s just work all year round. (ADULTING IS FUN!)

Looking forward to getting ice cream with your family, or finally being able to hang out with your friends at the park all by yourself without a parent.

We were so busy wanting to be grown up that we forgot all the things we love from our childhood would eventually end.

(not my photo)

Mornings or Night Person?

I think there’s something special in all aspects of the day. I’m more of a person who enjoys watching a good sunset rather than a sunrise, but maybe that’s because I hate waking up early. On the days that I work early in the mornings it’s really nice to watch the sun come up, it’s refreshing and makes me feel like I’m going to have a good start to the day. But I will always be a night owl through and through. I challenge you to spend a night or two this week of appreciating the opposite of what you usually are. If you’re a night owl, try to wake up at sunrise and enjoy the fresh start to the day, or if you go to bed early try to enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet night.

Heres 2 pictures I took of a sunset and (kind of) a sunrise.

(Also, I’m interested to know just how many people are night owls and how many are morning birds).

Seeing the World Through a Child’s POV

These are pictures I took of my niece.

I always think it’s so precious to see the world through a child’s point of view. They don’t know anything bad yet. The world is so big and wonderful to them, and that’s extremely precious.

These photos make me wonder how she sees the world.

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